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African Beauty

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

On my second trip to Nigeria, I was able to visit an orphanage in the city of Jos, and I had the honor of meeting a variety of women--mostly widows and those who wanted to do a better job at serving them in their churches.

Such is the woman painted here. She attended a seminar I helped sponsor for church leaders. When this woman entered the room, I had to find a moment to take her photograph. In my opinion, she is one of the most beautiful women I've ever met. Every feature is striking, and her outer beauty equally matched her kind and loving heart.

I have to admit that drawing and painting humans are not my favorite. I have to work hard at perfecting human features, and after many hours of work, my sketches don't usually look much like the subject. But when I took on the project of painting this woman, I was determined that one way or another, I'd capture her beauty.

I honestly don't know her name anymore. I did this piece several years ago. The original is a gem piece that I will not sell to anyone. I do, however, have limited edition, numbered, and signed professional prints of this piece. She is available in two size prints: 11x17' and 8x10". Click here to order and learn about the value and process of professional prints.

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