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Orphan Boys

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I met several children at an orphanage in Jos, Nigeria, back in 2014. The first time I went there, I met several children on the boy's side and the girl's side. And while the children seemed happy (some were mesmerized by our blue eyes and white faces), I wondered what their lives would be like if they lived in a cleaner, rat-free environment.

The second time I went to the orphanage, I painted a life-size mural of Jesus with children at His feet. Some of the children came into the little chapel to watch. They didn't speak English, but they did understand when I told them I was painting Jesus and that He loved each of them.

I've not had the privilege of returning to Jos and the city ministry there. I've recently heard about the increased violence in that city--an ongoing struggle of Muslims and Christians living in the same city. I sometimes wonder if the mural is still visible on the concrete wall in that tiny chapel. I wonder how many of the children still know, seven years later, that Jesus loves them. I hope they will always know that.

This piece was the first time I ever drew people. I used pencils, fine markers, and brush markers to complete the original. It's a precious piece, and I am not willing to sell the original. However, Limited Edition, signed and numbered, matted professional prints are available in 11x17" and 8x10". Click here to order and learn about the process and value of professional prints.

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