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#Bringing Hope; Building Faith



Hi! My name is Gail Ruth Peterson. I hope you feel as warm a welcome here as you would if you came to visit my home and studio because it's all an extension of my life and passion.


I'm a storyteller. 

Sometimes, I tell a story in a painting or sketch, sometimes in the written or spoken word. I tell stories about God--who He says He is, what He does and has done, and all the ways He's shown up in my life and the life of friends and family over the years. 


I'm an artist.

Miraculously, after decades of wanting to create art like my grandparents, my faith grew when I began to see what Christ can do in us. In 2013, I started painting and sold several in my first year! My confidence began growing, and eventually, I started drawing. Since then, I've taught countless art classes over the past ten years and painted murals throughout the USA and Nigeria. You can find art and prints for sale here on my site or browse the art gallery.

Soon, I will be moving to Portugal to work with The Illuminated Lighthouse of Portugal. While her focus with the ministry will be promotional work, I will offer art in various venues and events in the surrounding area and use my gifts and passions in the community.


I'm an encourager. 

My greatest passion is for others to experience the relationship He desires each of us to have with Him. The day I came to know my Heavenly Father transformed my life forever. His love and grace have poured out every gift and talent I have today. 

I'm a writer.

I've always loved writing, but it wasn't until my first husband died that I discovered its healing power. Writing helps me reflect, think, explore, and organize my thoughts. I like to put these reflections and stories of what God's done in my life on paper to bless many who might take the time to read. Writing is both healing and the most creative thing I do.


I'm a coach.

Through decades of hardships, grief, poor health, and brokenness, our Heavenly Father has restored my health, mended many broken pieces, and filled many empty places in my life in miraculous and loving ways. 


Every hardship and struggle in my journey points to an incredible God who empowers, teaches, transforms, and fills us with wisdom, hope, joy, and peace. These are the places where many get off the trail of hope in Him. I see many searching for pleasure, and my hope in coaching others leads to the fulfillment I've learned in this life.


To learn more about the coaching experience, click here.

" ...He [she] is like a tree planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season.
Their leaves never wither, and they prosper in all they do."

Psalm 1:3 NIV


Spark your creativity

& Feed your soul

There's nothing more peaceful than losing yourself in creativity. Whether painting, drawing, writing, or any other art, it serves everyone in some way. 

We were made to worship God and delight Him with our lives. Worship happens through many activities in our lives, including expressions of creativity. For this reason, I am mindful to bring the focus back to God in all my work. He is, after all, the Great Creator and the One who gives us talents.


I am proof that God often empowers us to do things we never thought possible simply because we seek Him.

It is my hope that anyone who admires is encouraged, or inspired by my work will recognize His power to equip and delight His children with good gifts.


" Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come"

2 Corinthians 5:17 NIV

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