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Featured below is

Gail Ruth's latest publication,

Mary, Dear Mary

(What's Growing In Your Garden?)

MDM Cover.jpg
Mary, Dear Mary
(What's Growing In Your Garden?)

Mary, Dear Mary, (What's Growing In Your Garden?) started as poem that became a story of redreaming a dream, planting the seeds, and growing a harvest in life. Look what others are saying about this little short-read...


Here's what one reader has to say about this book:


What an impact this little book made to my life! by Kellinger

Reviewed on Amazon in the United States on January 31, 2024

I’m not one to write reviews, but I had to take the time and share some thoughts on how this book has impacted my life. I purchased it 3 months ago and wanted to see how I felt about it before writing a review. I’ve read the book over and over and it seems that it offers more to me each and every time I do so. The words resonate with me, but also have changed my thoughts and actions in so many ways. I’m inspired and believe it has calmed my anxiety or stress from everyday life. I wrote the poem in the Notes App on my phone. I bring it up and read it whenever I’m feeling anxious, lonely, depressed or confused. It gives me a gentle reminder of a bigger picture. One that I might not see yet. I will continue to carry this poem with me and cherish the book forever. Thank you for this gift to us all.

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WAIWH cover_edited.jpg

Who Am I Without Him?

is in revision. Second Edition TBA 2025


1800 copies of her first book were translated by hand, printed in Urdu, and distributed to widowed and abandoned women across Pakistan. 

Coming Soon!

The Borrow My Joshua Stones Series!

A series of true stories in short-read books that bring hope and build faith!

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