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Beauty In The Storm

I sketched this picture from a scene from the Florida Panhandle the week two hurricanes blew in on our vacation. It was the last vacation that I would take with my husband Mike of almost ten years.

It was a beautiful day, and I remember thinking that I wouldn't have seen such a breeze or cloud formation had it not been a week of storms. I remember thinking it was a bummer that I tend to plan vacations in places when hurricanes head my way, but I hoped and prayed there would be some good weather and good times together.

My prayers paid off that week! Even though it wasn't safe to go in the ocean at all that week, it was a wonderful week away, and the weather was amazing most of the week too. The breeze was so strong that it turned the hot blazing sunny times into cooler weather, making it enjoyable to sit on the beach. The turbulent waters also washed up amazing shells, and we chased hundreds of very tiny ghost crabs around with flashlights on the beach in the evenings.

Little did I know that would be my last vacation with Mike. I'm so glad we took a trip a few months before we would both get COVID, and he wouldn't survive the ramifications of the virus. I'm thankful too for good photos and this (and a few others) from this trip. I'll treasure this week forever. Even though it was a week of hurricanes, it was a week of amazing beauty and wonderful memories. (See other pics of our trip below.)

Prints of this sketch will soon be available.

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